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Parent Governor Election - February 2019

We are holding an election for one Parent Governor. Every parent or guardian of a child at the school is allowed one ballot paper an only entitled to vote once no matter how many children attend the school. The names of the candidates are listed below and parents may vote for only one candidate by placing an ‘X’ in the box next to the candidate’s name. 


Personal statements for the candidates can be viewed below. 


Completed ballot papers (in an envelope if you wish) must be returned to the school by 4pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019, a ballot box will be available in the school reception area. Counting of the votes will take place on Thursday 14th February 2019 at 10:30am in the presence of Linda Osborn (Vice Chair of Governors). Candidates or their representative are able to attend the counting of votes should they wish to attend. The outcome of the election will be communicated via email.



Personal Statement – Sharon Devlin


My name is Sharon Devlin and I have one son, Ted, who is in Year 1.  I believe that parents have a vital role to play in school life and it is important that we are consulted and involved in making decisions which affect the school and our children.  For me, a parent governor has a duty to represent the views of all parents and this is something that I would work hard to achieve.  I think that the school and governing body has a responsibility to engage and communicate effectively with parents and this is something that I feel is a key aspect of being a parent governor.  I take my son to school 3 mornings and 2 afternoons each week, so I would be available to discuss any school issues or concerns.  


I have worked in Human Resources for Leicestershire County Council for 15 years.  During this time I have had a number of roles, one of which was managing the Schools HR team, who were responsible for supporting and advising County schools and Academies.  Therefore I understand the context of Local Authorities and specifically HR issues within a school setting.


If given the opportunity of becoming a parent governor, I would look forward to working with parents, staff and the governing body in order to ensure continued progress for the school and its pupils.

Personal Statement – Desta Tucker


My youngest, Kyden-Shay attends Sparrows in F2


My eldest daughter is preparing for university while my middle child is currently in year 8 at Fulhurst community College.

Formally a EMAG TA (ethnic minority achievement grant teaching assistant) & HLTA (higher level teaching assistant) for 15 years in the city, I was also elected staff governor at my former place of work and was part of the school improvement committee.


My current role as A Primary Social Emotional & Mental Health Practitioner, I work in schools throughout the city.

I am a champion for children with SEND. I believe a secure emotional states of mind and healthy mental wellbeing gives children the foundations to build positive relationships and therefore thrive in eduction, be resilient individuals and succeed in any goals they set themselves.


I am passionate about the inclusion of all children in education and insuring they are no outsiders in our school community.


I recognise the need for the governing body to act as a team and as part of that team I will be confident enough to challenge & question outcomes.

My personal & professional experiences equips me with many of the skills & knowledge that the governing body desires, including the ability to communicate clearly, think logically & critically. I am able to act objectively, looking beyond my personal interests as a parent, to work to promote the best interests of the wider school community. While voicing parents views and/or concerns.


I have the passion to commit & the time to invest to undertake this role effectively.

Personal Statement – Antony Hibble


Currently, I have one child (Erica) in year three and another (Sidney) in year 1. I am an Assistant Head in another Leicester City primary school and I have been teaching for 15 years in total. During my time as a teacher I have taken on many different roles such as Maths Coordinator, Phase leader as well as my current position as Assistant Head. I am fully aware of how a primary school runs and have taught across all year groups in Key Stage 2.


A few years ago, at the school I currently work at, I was chosen as one of the teacher governors to represent the staff. I held this role for four years and learnt a lot about how a governing body works and how it can make a positive impact on the school. I also learnt the important role that parent governors have working within a governing body.


A school always thrives when it has a positive, working relationship with its parents and I would like the opportunity to help strengthen that bond and work with the parents and the school as a parent governor. I believe I can represent parents effectively in Governor’s meetings, bringing their voices to the table and reporting back succinctly when called upon. Since both my children have started at Dovelands, I have noticed a strong partnership between school and parents and I would love to help strengthen that link as a Parents Governor.