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After Christmas

We come back to school on Tuesday January the 9th.

During the first week back, we will be talking and writing about things the children have done during their break from school, presents they have had, people they have spent time with etc.

We would very much appreciate it if you could send in a photo that we could stick into their Learning Journey (like you did last term when we were learning about 'families'). A photo is always a great way to remind the children of what they've done and it helps inspire them to write, so thank you in advance!

Week beginning 9.1.18 - Winter

We will be:-

-Talking and writing about what we did during the Christmas break

-Learning about money and looking at different coins

-Noticing signs of Winter and using words like frost, snow, bare trees, ice and cold.

-Doing an ice experiment to see what happens to ice cubes when they are placed in different positions around the classroom. How will it change? What is happening to it? Why?

-Learning some new 'tricky' words - no and do

-Painitng pictures of snowmen

-Using the ipads to draw snowy pictures

Tricky words we have learnt so far:-
















Sounds we have learnt so far:-

a  s  t  i  p  n  c  ck  e  h  r  m  d  g  o  u  l  f  b  w  j  z  v  x  y

Digraphs are sounds made with 2 letters. We have learnt:-

ai    oa    ie   ng   ee   or   oo (as in book) and oo (as in food)  ch   sh   qu    oi   ar

Tricky word pockets

The children now have a 'Tricky word' pocket which they need to keep in their book bags.

Please look at the tricky words with your child when you read with them (or instead of reading occasionally).

They are tricky because you can't sound them out, so the children need to learn them by sight instead.

They can be used to make sentences, such as:-

I like my _______

I saw the _______