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Impact 2014/15


The school took the step in August 2014 of employing a fulltime specialist PE teacher, who could really drive forward and enhance the delivery of PE and school sport not only for the children but also for the teaching staff.


Just some of the increased benefits of this appointment are listed below:


There was a vast increase in the number of children participating in competitive sport. The school took part in many inter school competitions organised through the Leicester City School Sport Partnership in the following activities:


  • Football

  • Hockey

  • Tag Rugby

  • Dance

  • Table Tennis

  • Cross country

  • Basketball

  • Athletics


Regular sports teams were established in the following sports/activities:


  • Dance

  • Mixed year 5/6 swimming

  • Girls year 5/6 football

  • Boys year 5 football

  • Boys year 6 football

  • Year 6 table tennis

  • Year 6 netball

  • Mixed KS2 basketball

  • Mixed KS2 cross country


Strong links were created with external organisations and specialist coaches so the children not only benefited from lessons with their PE teacher but also from lessons with specialists in their own activities.  For example the children really enjoyed tennis sessions with Chris Whitmore from the Lancaster School, dance with Katie Parker, Judo with the Square Mile project from Demonfort University and health related exercise sessions with Ainsley Neckles, ex semi-professional Footballer from Bo Fitness. 




Dinner times were made more active with the introduction of the year 6 Playground leaders.  These young children having completed a training course were deployed in KS1 and KS2 to lead fun activities.


There was a notable increase in the quality of the delivery of curriculum PE.  Children had new and enough equipment to use, lessons were active for sustained periods, there was clear differentiation within lessons and feedback from the staff and children themselves indicated how much they were enjoying PE.


The teaching staff have also benefited immensely from not only seeing the PE specialist teach but also from opportunities to team teach. Staff have increased their skill, knowledge and confidence to plan and deliver high quality PE lessons and this can be seen from some of the comments below:


"Team teaching with Mr Amoroso has given me the confidence and subject knowledge to plan and deliver purposeful and fun PE lessons." Miss Mavji year 5 class teacher.


"Dovleands children and teachers have developed their skills and knowledge of all aspects of PE thanks to Mr Amoroso's specialist teaching." Mrs Kendrick year 3 class teacher.


"As a primary teacher, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from a PE expert. Watching  Mr Amoroso teach PE has inspired me to motivate the children to be active and develop their skills; children in turn receive excellent provision and recognise the value of being active and fit." Mrs Van Breugel year 2 class teacher.


As a school  we are really looking forward to continuing to develop PE and school sport in 2015/16 and providing all children with the opportunity to access exciting and purposeful opportunities.