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Dates and Reminders

Flu Vaccinations

Just a reminder that on Friday 11th November children will be having their flu vaccination. We will be there to try an make the children feel as comfortable as possible. It is a very quick process and will not disrupt much of the children's learning time. Thank you! 


Animal Visit

On the 21st and 23rd November we will be having a visit from lots of different animals. We have not confirmed which day our class will be on but it will be on either one of these dates. We are really looking forward to it and we hope the children are too!  


Christmas Production

We will be performing our christmas production to parents on Wednesday 7th December. A morning performance at 9:45-10:15 (approx) and an afternoon performance at 14:00-14:30 (approx). We hope to see you there! 


End of Autumn Term 2

The last day of school this term will be on Thursday 15th December. School will be closed from Friday 16th December. School will start the Spring Term on Wednesday 4th January.


Duckling's Class Assembly

Our class assembly will be on Thursday 19th January. It will start at 9:00 and last approximately 20 minutes.