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Dates and Reminders

Welcome to the Hummingbird's reminder page. This page will have important dates and information that you or your child will need to remember. 

Half - Term

Children will finish school on Friday 19th October and will return to school on Monday 29th October. 


PE is currently on Tuesdays. Please make sure your child has their PE on this day. 



PPA cover will be taught on Thursday afternoons. This cover is on a rotation and lessons taught will either be topic, PE or gardening. 


This year your child will read as part of a guided reading group or individually to an adult. This will be once a week (guided reading). Whenever possible please can you read with your child at home and note it in your child's reading log. If your child needs a new one please ask Miss Kidger or Mrs Gillen and they will get your child a new one. 

Book Club

There will be no Show and Tell in year 2. However, on Friday afternoons, the hummingbirds will take part in our very own book club. Children can bring in books that they have read and share them with the class. This has replaced show and tell. It is a fantastic way to encourage each other to read and to develop a love of learning. This experience will be exciting and I am excited to hear about lots of stories.