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How are we maintaining social distancing in the classroom? (added 03.09.20)


Children are grouped into a ‘bubble’ of children , where interaction is limited with other bubbles. Within the bubble the classroom layout dictates that the children are sitting side by side and facing forwards.  The adults in the bubble are maintaining social distance and teaching the children about limiting their close contact with each other, but we accept some level of close contact between the children in the bubble, particularly outside during PE and playtimes. Extra handwashing is taking place regularly as well as all the other measures in our risk assessment. We are also using mobile Perspex screens when a child and an adult need to work closely together.


Can my child walk home alone?


This term, only Year 6 children can walk home alone, we do not allow any children in a different year group to walk home without being collected by an adult. We will review this later in the year. Year 6 pa\rents have received a google form to complete to give their permission and this is required for any Year 6 child who can walk home alone.



My children need to be dropped off and collected at the same time from different gates, what should I do? (added 28.08.20)


In the morning please use the gate for your youngest child, your older child will be able to come through the same gate to walk through to their playground. Staff will be on hand to assist with directing any children who are unsure of where they need to be.

In the afternoon please collect your youngest child first. Teachers are aware that there may be delay when collecting older children from the other gates. 


Can my child come to school on a bike?


Yes we encourage children to walk or cycle to school. Our bike racks are still accessible and the children can lock up their bike when they arrive and collect it before they leave as usual.


Can my child play with other children in their year group at playtimes?


The children will have playtimes with all other children in the phase (so years 1 and 2, years 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6). Each phase will have separate playtimes but the 5 classes in each phase will play outside together. They will have a zone for each bubble though, so will be able to see friends in the other classes in their year group, but they will not be able to make close contact during playtime. The children will rotate so that each class bubble gets time in each playground zone across the week.


Can my child wear a mask?


Your child can wear a mask to school and on the way home, but in accordance with current guidance children may not wear masks during the day as they limit communication. Children will have to take them off to eat and drink and therefore they will not remain sterile throughout the day.


Will teachers be wearing a mask?


Adults may wear masks during times in the day when they are not teaching, for example during a staff meeting or a break time. Adults may wear a visor when interacting with children as mouths can still be seen and they interfere with communication much less. During situations where children need intimate care adults will be wearing PPE, so a disposable mask, gloves and an apron.


Can my child play with other children in their year group?


We are obliged to keep each bubble with as limited interaction as we can manage. Some bubbles are larger than one class because of the layout of the school, but on the whole, playtimes and lunchtimes will be timetabled so that the children only play with their bubble.


Can I come into the school to see the teacher?


No visitors are allowed on the school site so we encourage you to use phone or email communication to resolve queries and issues. Foundation Stage 2 parents will be allowed into the playground on September 1st but cannot come into the classroom.


Where will my child be eating lunch?


The children will eat in their bubble whether they have a packed lunch or a hot dinner, and they will eat in one of the halls. There will be a timetable that limits the numbers of children in the hall and reduces queuing.


Can my child have a hot dinner?


Yes, from a limited menu choice which will be shared with you when it becomes available. If you want your child to have a hot dinner you will need to make the choice for the whole week so that we can plan the arrangements. You will not be able to pick a hot dinner for one day a week, it can either be a hot dinner all week, or a packed lunch all week.


Will my child still have all curriculum subjects?


Yes, we are providing all usual lessons, with additional measures in place for music lessons, dance and PE


Will my child still have PE?

Yes, they won’t need PE kit initially as we will just be changing into trainers


Does my child need to wear school uniform?


Yes, all children need to wear uniform as normal. They will not need PE kit straight away but will need to change out of their black school shoes into trainers when they do PE. They will need to bring trainers that they can change into.


Will you still have school council and other committees?


Yes, we believe very much in the power of the children’s voices when we make decisions at school. Our mid-term elections took place very close to the start of lockdown so we are going to keep those children as the representative on the school council, the eco group or the UNICEF ambassadors group. Meetings will not take place straight away until we have settled into a routine, and once we can find a way to meet safely and with lots of space we will start those committees again.


What if I drop off and collect children in different time slots, with different surnames?


Please choose one of the surnames and use that time slot to drop off and collect the group that you have (for example if you’re a childminder). Please do not change that time slot, stick to it every day. If the children in your family have different surnames, please choose one and stick to that, and if your surname is double-barrelled please go for the time slot that applies to the letter of the first part of the surname.


Will you be running extra-curricular clubs?


Yes we will have limited clubs and these will be shared with you directly from the organisation running the clubs. If your child attends The Parakeets he or she will not be able to attend additional clubs as we have to limit the interaction across different groups.


Will the PTFA and Parents’ Forum still operate?


For now these groups are on hold but will be up and running in due course


What equipment can my child bring to school?


Please limit the items your child brings to the following:

  • A bag containing a water bottle and a packed lunch if appropriate
  • Trainers for PE days (not separate PE kit for now)
  • A coat
  • No other equipment as it will all be provided by school


Can I return reading books that we have at home?


Yes please! We are really happy to receive reading books and library books back and we will reintroduce reading systems for home and school ASAP and in line with our risk assessment