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Jolly Phonics

We now teach Jolly Phonics in groups so that learning can be tailored specifically to individual needs.


Some children are orally blending and segmenting sounds within words and have begun learning the letters  s a t p i n c k e h r.  


Each sound is introduced using a story and has an accompanying action.

Most children have learnt all the single sounds and are now being taught digraphs. These are two letters that make one sound.



ai  oa  ie  ee  or  ng  oo(look)  oo(moon)  ch  sh 

th (this)  th(moth)  qu  ou  oi  ue  er  ar 


When introducing diagraphs we practice the sounds to help the children feel confident to recognise the sound, and to remember which two letters go together to make that sound and in what order. Children are then encouraged to identify digraphs within words for reading and to use this knowledge in their independent writing activities.


At home

Please encourage your child to use their sound knowledge to read and write independently.