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Jolly Phonics

Wb 8.5.18

Alternative digraphs

         ew (few, new, stew)     ur (curl, hurt, turn)

Wb 9.4.18

Alternative digraphs

ea (bean meat eat) ow (cow how now)

Wb 19.3.18

Introducing a trigraph (3 letters that make 1 sound)


          igh (sigh light fright)

Wb 5.3.18

    oy  (boy  toy  joy)

Wb 26.2.18

       y (mummy daddy)

Wb 19.2.18

    ay  (day play)

wb 11.12.17

We have now introduced all the 42 sounds so we will be consolidating what we have learnt and practising reading and writing words, captions and sentences. 

Wb 4.12.17

   er (her)

Wb 27.11.17


oi (boil) ue(cue) ar (car)

Wb 20.11.17


             voiced th (that) unvoiced th (this)qu (queen) ou (out)




Wb 13.11.17


      ch (chip)  sh(shop)


Single sounds

           x    y

Wb 6.11.17

New sounds this week


  ng (ring)  oo (look) oo (moon)


Single sounds

       z  v

Wb 30.10.17

New sounds this week are:


oa (goat) ie (tie) ee (see) or (fork)

and single sounds   w

Wb 23.10.17 

             f  b  ai  j


We will be introducing the first 'digraph' sound. Digraphs are two letters that only make one sound.


'ai' as in rain, train, Spain...

Jolly Phonics is now being taught everyday. The children are learning the 42 different sounds along with an action. We blend the sounds together in order to read words and segment sounds within words when writing. 

So far we have taught:

Wb 2/10/17

      s  a  t  i  p  n  c  k  e  h  r  m  d

Next week we will be learning

          g  o  u  l and the tricky words here my