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Our trip to Stonehurst Farm

A big 'thank you' to our parent helpers for looking after us on the day!


Monday 9th July

Please bring your child to school as normal and we will walk them to their new class where they will spend most of the morning.

After school, there will be a chance for you to see their new classrooms and meet the Year One teachers from 3.15 to 3.30.

Week beginning 18.6.18

We will be:-

-Learning about fire fighters and their roles in the community

-Labelling pictures of fire fighters and police cars

-Learning about how the police help people in many ways

-Talking about ways to stay safe in different situations

-Doing lots of work on number bonds to ten

-Glazing our clay pots once they come out of the kiln

-Making a big collage picture of a police officer to label for display

Tricky words we have learnt so far:-






















The children are getting really good at reading their tricky words now, so we are moving on to writing them. When you look at your child's tricky words with them, please could you choose maybe 3 or 4 of the words and get your child to write them. Follow these steps;-look at the word, say the word, cover it up, write it and finally check if it's right. Thank you!

Sounds we have learnt so far:-

a  s  t  i  p  n  c  ck  e  h  r  m  d  g  o  u  l  f  b  w  j  z  v  x  y

Digraphs are sounds made with 2 letters. We have learnt:-

ai    oa    ie   ng   ee   or   oo (as in book) and oo (as in food)  ch   sh   qu    oi   ar  ea   th

We are now learning about different ways to write the samw sound. For example, ee and ea make the same sound, ow and ou make the same sound. This week, the children have been amazed at how many ways you can write the i ('eye') sound:- ie as in pie, I as in me, y as in fly, i-e as in time and igh as in high.

Hearing your child read

Thank you so much for supporting us in teaching the children to read by hearing them read at home.

Please could we ask that you write in their white 'Reading Log' book each time you hear your child read and make a comment about how they have done. It could be that you write, '--------- did really well with sounding out the words' or'------- found it hard to concentrate today' or '--------- has been pointing to the words really well'. Any comment you write is very helpful to us, so please do make a comment (it doesn't need to be earth-shattering, you could even just write 'well done ----')

Thank you

An 'end of the year' thank you!

Thank you all for being such a supportive group of parents this year.

Mrs Chatterjee has really appreciated all your kind wishes during her illness, and we have both been very grateful for all the help you have given us with sending in fruit and cardboard tubes, offering to read stories to the class, coming on the trip with us and generally for being so patient and understanding.

We have enjoyed teaching your lovely children and wish them a happy Summer holiday and the best of luck in Year One.