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Spring 2: Round and round the garden

It is parent's evening next week. If you have not yet set a time and date yet because you are having trouble logging on to the system, please book a time with whichever adult you see on the door either in the morning or at home time. There are still times available on Tuesday 20th March and a few left on Wednesday 21th March.    

I am looking forward to chatting with all who can make it!

Miss Bonsell (:

Thank you to all of our lovely grown ups that have come in a shared a stroy with us so far. We have loved it!

Dovelands have been caring for some eggs. Robin's were lucky enough to get a chance to see the chick forming inside the egg. Did you know they have hatched?! Come at take a little peek at them at Reception.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has made a home on our bean stalk. We have learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We then used butterflies as inspiration for doubelling.

The hungry Caterpillar has taught us a lot about healthy eating and halving. Thank you to everyone who brought a piece of fruit into school. With it, we were able to make and enjoy a very healthy fruit salad.

We Love Jack and the Beanstalk! We planted some magic beans and it grew into a beanstalk over night! We wrote some notes to the giant on leaves for him to read.

The giant left us a bag of clothes for us to try on! We had lots of fun pretending to be him.

This half term we are learning German! We looked at the German flag, clothes and words during our German afternoon.

We have been measuring the giant's belongings.