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Wb 2.7.18 Sports Day was such fun. Everyone tried so hard at each activity and we all throughly enjoyed it!

Wb 4.6.18 Welcome back. We had our first dance session this week. We learnt how to travel in different ways and move in time to the music.

Wb 21.5.18

On Wednesday a large number of superheroes arrived at school.....Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman, Freeze girl, Owlette and many more! We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a fitting end to a very successful topic. 

Hope you all have a good break next week and look forward to starting our final half term together on Monday 4th June. 

Wb 30.4.18

Some of our learning opportunities have been linked to the story 'Supertato'. We have been talking about how Supertato saves the vegetables from the Evil Pea. We went on a daring bike ride rescuing the vegetables from the Key Stage one playground. We made vegetable soup.....which was delicious and we did some great Supertato writing. Next week is about the Evil Pea. We are all wondering how much trouble he is going to cause!

Wb 23.4.18 This week we have been learning all about Leicester. We looked at famous landmarks and talked about the places we have been. We made models of the Clock Tower, Space Centre, King Power Stadium and Town Hall Square. We listened to some music by Kassabian and played our instruments in time with the beat!

16.4.18 This week saw the launch of our new topic 'Superheroes' We wrote a superhero story. We made masks and dens and thought about all the things we are good at and how we can be kind and helpful like a superhero.

Wb 9.4.18 Welcome back. We went on a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of spring. We saw daffodils, hyacinths, blossom trees, tadpoles and a frog! The tubs in our garden area are looking really pretty. We are going to be planting some summer flowers soon in the tyres. We found the first resident in our Bug Hotel ....a slimy slug!

Show and Tell

Wb 12.3.18 This week we made a fresh fruit salad. We used lots of different fruits including, kiwi, apples, grapes, nectarines, strawberries and a very juicy pineapple. We all helped to prepare the fruit and used knives to carefully cut it up. Tasting was the best bit.......most children came back for a second helping and some come back four times!

Show and Tell

Wb 5.3.18 This week we have started our new story called The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been talking about the life cycle of a butterfly, counting, adding and doubling different objects and writing parts of the story. We looked at the eggs in the incubator and a lady brought in a special machine which allowed us to see inside one of the eggs. This is called candling.

24.02.18 Our first Show and Tell session was a success. Four children brought something special in from home to show to the class. They sat on the 'Teacher chair' and their friends asked questions about their special toy.

Last week was another World Languages afternoon. We learnt about Germany and how to say a few words in German. We made flags, coloured pictures of children in traditional dress and counted up to ten.

Wb 19.2.18 This week we started our new topic called 'Round and Round the Garden' and our first story focus is Jack and the Beanstalk. On Tuesday a beanstalk appeared in our classroom along with a very large letter from a giant, some footprints and a bag of enormous clothes. We soon discovered that Jim the giant is very friendly and wanted to know all about our favourite stories. We wrote letters to Jim and left them by the beanstalk for him to take away and was so very exciting because the next day they were gone! Next week we will be planting a bean and growing our own beanstalks. We will be learning about how to look after them and what they need in order to grow. 

A big bag of clothes were found in our classroom so we tried them on.........we didn't think the giant would mind!

Wb 29.1.18

This week we have been learning about the story 'The Gingerbread Man' We have listened to different versions of the story and even made up our own in which the GBM had a ride on a big fish to get all the way safely across the river! We made story maps of our ideas and came up with some very interesting ideas for characters and story plots! We have also been writing about what the GBM sang as he ran along the road......'Run, run as fast as you can.....'

On Thursday we made a GBM biscuit, which was the highlight of the week.

In maths we have been learning about addition and how to count on when adding two groups of objects. 


Wb 22.1.18. This week we worked together to make the characters from the story. We selected different materials to collage and paint the troll and the goats and used junk model boxes as the bridge. We talked about different words to describe the troll and used our phonic knowledge to write captions for the display. Please come in and see it! We even had a visit from the troll who answered our questions! 

In maths we have been learning to count in 2's.

Next week the story will be 'The Gingebread Man'

Wb 15.01.18 This week we started our Traditional Tales topic. The story focus is the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have been talking about the different characters, writing parts of the story and building bridges to act out the story together.

Wb 9.01.18

 Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning about 'Winter' We have been talking about the weather in the winter and painting snowmen for a winter display. We have also been thinking about colours and which ones make us feel cold.

On Wednesday we were scientists for the day and we conducted an experiment with ice. We placed the ice in different areas (outside/ in the fridge/ on the radiator/ on the shelf/ in our hands) and made a prediction about where we thought the ice would melt the fastest. 


We have also been looking at money and identifying different coins. 

Next week we start our new topic called 'Traditional Tales' (See Curriculum map Spring 1)

We will be learning about  traditional stories starting with the Three Billy Goats Gruff.


Christmas in Foundation Stage 2

Saturday 9th December-PTFA Christmas Fair 1:00pm-3:30pm

Monday 11th December-Dress rehearsal

Tuesday 12th December-Nativity Performance 9:45am & 2pm

Wednesday 13th December-Christmas dinner

Friday 15th December-Seasonal jumper day and Nativity performance to the school

Tuesday 19th December-F2 Christmas party in the afternoon

Wednesday 20th December-Christmas Carols at St Anne’s Church. We will be walking up to the church with the children in Year 1 and 2 to join in with the Christmas Carol service at 9:30am. If you would like to join us please drop your children at school and meet us at the church.

Wednesday 20th December-End of term

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 9th January 2018.


Wb 4.12.17 We have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes again this week. We talked about the properties of different shapes and made 3d shapes in the Construction Yard outside. We had lots of cubes, cuboids and cylinders!

The properties of 3d shapes

'A cylinder has two flat faces'- Ajwa

'A cube...6 faces...squares'- Ayan

'A cylinder...its got a circle on it'- Jaskaranpreet

'A cube. It's got squares and 6 faces'- Rayn

'A cube...6 faces...squares'- Amber

'A cuboid is mde of squares and rectangles'- Lucas

'Two flat faces is a cylinder'- Leighton

'I've made a diamond out of triangles and 1 square. It's got 13 faces'-Coen

'A cylinder has got 2 flat faces and a curved one too'- Layla

A cylinder ...2 circle faces and  curved face- Mia


This week we have been learning about halving and sharing equally. We made jam sandwiches and carefully cut the bread in half. The best bit was eating them!

We used some mathematical language when we were cutting our jam sandwiches.

'I'm going to cut it diagonally.....that's in half' Charlie

'Cut it in the middle' Devon

'In half, in the middle' Charlotte

'Up the middle, in two pieces' Oran

'I'm cutting it in rectangles in half' Shivani

'In the middle is in half' Oliver

'Diagonally' Florence

'In half' Elise

Tricky words we have learnt so far 

I                        like                 come 

my                      here                 be

saw                     the

to                        go

she                      he

me                       we 


We made our own hedgehogs using clay.

Wb 13/11/17. This week we worked togethre in a group to made hibernation boxes for hedgehogs. We have left them in the wood and are so hopeful they will be used by a hedgehog or two!

Wb 6.11.17 This week we have been learning about nocturnal animals. We worked together to made dens outside. There was a badgers sett, an earth for a fox and even a home made from leaves for a little hoglet!

Wb 30.10.17 This week we have been learning about Bonfire night and fireworks. We used the ribbons and scarves to create colourful fireworks. We searched for rockets in the playground, counted how many we could find and wrote the numerals to match the amount. We also had some fun with the parachute, working together to throw the ball 'rockets' into the air and run underneath as quickly as we could!

Wb 23.10.17 Autumn Walk. We saw trees, leaves, flowers, berries, bushes and even found a slug!

After the half term break (Wb 23.10.17)  we will be learning all about autumn. We will be looking closely at leaves, conkers, acorns and fir cones using magnifying glasses, doing some leaf printing and going on an autumn walk around the school grounds. We will be talking about nocturnal animals and making clay hedgehogs.

Our new topic is called ‘Time to celebrate’ We will be learning about how people celebrate different events and at the end of term performing our Christmas Nativity.

11.10.17 We planted daffodil bulbs and primroses in our little garden.

Wb 9/10/17

This week a focus has been on speaking and listening skills. We all enjoyed bringing a favourite toy to school and talking about it with our friends. We tried hard to listen to each other and ask questions. 

We have also been learning about different patterns and even made our own repeating patterns in our Learning Journeys. 

On Wednesday the Wrens class planted bulbs and flowers. We are going to look after our little garden area and look forward to seeing some daffodils in the spring. 


On Friday we will be learning all about Diwali. There are lots of fun activities planned including making Rangoli patterns, puppets, Bollywood inspired dancing and much more!


The children have had a very busy half term and we wish you a happy and restful break next week. Look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday 23rd October.

Wb 2/10/17 This week we have been learning all about 'My Body'. We talked about how we can stay healthy and completed a tricky obstacle course outside. Luckily no-one was eaten by sharks as we made our way across, over and through the equipment!

On your marks............

WB 11/9/17 'Our School'

This week we have been finding out about our school. We went for a walk around the school and found lots of different places including the Library, the Hall, the Office, the Owlets class room and the Staff Room (where the teachers drink tea and eat biscuits!) We went on an exciting bike ride through the KS2 playground, past the hall, the garden, the Owlets room and through the KS1 playground.

We have also been learning all about 2d shapes. We looked at the properties of 2d shapes and  made a picture of a bike using circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Wednesday was Roald Dahl Day and we learnt all about some of the characters from his stories. Friday is our first World Languages afternoon and we will be learning to say a few words in Greek! 

Next week we will be thinking about our families. Please can you bring in a family photograph we can talk about with our friends and stick in our Learning Journey. Thank you.

Our first few days at school have been so busy!