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Music in Foundation Stage

Music in Foundation Stage1


Taken from 'Development Matters' for EYFS


  • Providing children with matching items to encourage adult and child to mimic each other in a cooperative game. e.g. two identical musical instruments.
  • Moves whole bodies to sounds they enjoy, such as music or a regular beat.
  • Music to stimulate exploration with rhythmic movements.
  • To be provided with CD and tape players, scarves, streamers and musical instruments so that children can respond spontaneously to music. 
  • Use music of different styles and cultures to create moods and talk about how people move when they are sad, happy or cross


Music in Foundation Stage 2


  • Creates movement in response to music.
  • ​Captures experiences and responses with a range of media, such as music, dance and paint and other materials or words.
  • Extend children’s experience and expand their imagination through the provision of pictures, paintings, poems, music, dance and story


In Foundation Stage, singing is a very important part of the day. Children use song to learn. Singing helps children to stay calm and express themselves. Singing as part of a group ensures children feel as part of the class and a fun way to learn aspects of the curriculum. 


Children may take part in nursery rhymes, repeating what the teacher is singing and lots of other things.