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Music in KS2

Music in KS2

Music in year 3/4


In year 3/4 children are given the opportunity to learn the ukulele during PPA cover. This is taught by a professional ukulele teacher and is provided to the children on a weekly basis. 


Very soon children in year 3 will be receiving recorder lessons for 30 minutes each week. This will help them to become confident musicians and to be taught by a specialist. Learning the recorder is the basis to learning other instruments like the flute. What a fantastic opportunity! 


Children really enjoy learning this musical instrument and it is a brilliant way to ensure children are learning what is expected in the music curriculum. 

Music in year 5/6


Children are given the opportunity to play and experiment with different musical instruments. 


A key part of year 6 is the leavers production at the end of the year which allows children to take part in a number of musical activities. 


All children are given the opportunity to take part in paid violin/ guitar lessons where a professional teacher comes in each week. Children can take part in individual lessons or as part of a group. 


There is also an opportunity to take part un ukulele as part of an after school club. 

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