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We have some very exciting news for you!


We finally have our date for our 'Gold Award' reaccrediation. It is on Thursday 22nd June 2023. This is going to be an exciting day where children and staff can show their understanding of the rights. They can also talk about all of the fantastic work that we do at Dovelands to promote the rights both in Dovelands and globally.


Dates to remember:


  • Take Over Day 26th May 2023
  • Soccer Aid 9th June 2023
  • Day for Change 16th June 2023
  • Gold reaccreditation 22nd June 2023

We are a rights respecting school:


We were delighted to have been awarded the UNICEF Gold Rights Respecting School Award status in November 2018 and be entitled to proudly display this logo. Following years of hard work and determined effort, the UNICEF Ambassadors, staff and children demonstrated a clear commitment to upholding the Articles in the Convention of the Rights of the Child. We achieved this through raising awareness, fundraising for various charities and making sure that the Articles and the Rights are part of the daily culture at Dovelands.


Huge congratulations to the UNICEF Ambassadors who showed real enthusiasm during the assessor’s visit.


Well done everyone.


We are your UNICEF ambassadors

UNICEF visit:


One of our commitments of being a rights respecting school is to promote the rights in and around the local community. We recently visited Forest Lodge Primary School to give a presentation on the responsibilities of a rights respecting school and the benefits of becoming one. All of the UNICEF ambassadors were very confident talking about their rights. They were a credit to Dovelands!

Spreading the word!


The UNICEF ambassadors joined forces with the SCITT to work with around 60 trainee teachers over the course of two afternoons. They were very articulate about their rights and supported the trainee teachers understanding of how the rights link to the curriculum. They did a super job!

Intent, Implementation and Impact