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Intent, Implementation and Impact


We were delighted to have been awarded the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award status in June 2015 and be entitled to proudly display this logo. Following a year of hard work and determined effort, the UNICEF Ambassadors, staff and children demonstrated a clear commitment to upholding the Articles in the Convention of the Rights of the Child. We achieved this through raising awareness, fundraising for various charities and making sure that the Articles and the Rights are part of the daily culture at Dovelands.


Huge congratulations to the UNICEF Ambassadors who showed real enthusiasm during the assessor’s visit.


Well done everyone.


Thank you to everyone involved in the cake sale. It was a huge success. We raised £328 for the Red Cross who will use the money to support the families affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.


Come to our cake sale to help raise money for the Red Cross.

Encouraging others to become a rights respecting school

Today we visited Parks Primary School to give a presentation on what a rights respecting school looks like and the benefits of becoming one. All of the unicef ambassadors were very confident talking about their rights. They were a credit to Dovelands. Parks Primary will be visiting in November to watch a class assembly and to look at all of our wonderful displays. They have informed us that they now want to become a rights respecting school. What fantastic news that is!  

We have some very exciting news for you!

We finally have our date for the 'Gold Award'. It is on Monday 19th November. This is going to be an exciting day where children can show their understanding of the rights. They can also talk about all of the fantastic work that we do at Dovelands to promote the rights both in Dovelands and globally.


Our Guests:

We were very excited to show some Syrian Scholars around Dovelands today. We had the opportunity to talk to our visitors and learn about their journeys. We hope they come and visit us again soon :)

Take Over Day 2018


Take Over Day was a huge success this year. We loved looking around the school to see the children in their roles. There were some lovely activities taking place. We have taken some pictures for you to look at.

From The Unicef Ambassadors.



We have a very exciting day planned to help raise awareness of anti bullying. Please keep an eye on this page for further information. In the meantime please watch this clip.


For one day only we will wear blue to help raise awareness - dates tbc. 



International Day of the Girl

Today (11.10.17) is International Day of the Girl. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.  Please have a look at the following link for more information.


Thank you :) 

Stand with a refugee petition

There is currently an ongoing campaign to 'stand with a refugee' which will be presented to the home secretary. 


The petition states:

'Right now, across the world, children are being forced to make dangerous journeys to Europe to reach their family in the UK. This is because the UK’s family reunion refugee law doesn’t consider their siblings, grandparents, aunts or uncles family. We call on you to change the definition of family within the UK’s refugee family reunion law.'


If you would like further information and to sign the petition then please see the following link.


Thank you 

Meet your 2017 / 18 unicef ambassadors!

We had an amazing day at the women's World Cup cricket event. Some of the Doveland's children were very honoured to be able to walk the players out on to the pitch. The event was sponsored by UNICEF and was a very special day for all of those involved!

Women's World Cup Cricket Event

Day for Change 


The unicef Day for Change was very successful!  Doveland's children were very generous in donating lots of Fairtrade products and money. Furthermore, the whole school spent part of the day learning about the importance of Fairtrade and what it means to others around the world. This led to some excellent campaign letters being written and these will be sent to various companies who are not selling a range of Fairtrade products. 


We have donated the products to the local food bank 'Neighbourhood Support Base', who were very grateful. All the food will go a long way to help those less fortunate. There has not yet been a final count on the amount of money raised on the day but we will keep you updated!


You have all helped to make the world a fairer place!


Thank you :)


Below are the unicef ambassadors with the donated products.

Day for Change 2017 (Fairtrade)

Takeover Day 2016!

Takeover Day was a huge success this year.

Children shadowed members of staff for the day providing them with great opportunities and experiences. They were given an insight into what it is like to take on specific roles and most importantly they were able to use their voice. All the children that took part thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We look forward to Takeover Day 2017!