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Dovelands Primary School

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School Council and Pupil Voice

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Here at Dovelands, democracy is important to us.  Pupil voice is at the centre of every week.  Every Wednesday at 2.45pm, every class in KS1 and KS2 holds a class meeting.  Each of our 15 classes discusses the same question and votes on a number of options.  These are then added together and a whole school result is arrived at. 


Our School Council representatives (one from each class) then meet on Friday to discuss the results and talk about other suggestions and issues that have come up in their classes.  We then take these suggestions and the views of the whole school to our Headteacher, Ms McAdam.  Real changes have taken place in our school as a result of what pupils say. 


For example :

  • We chose the names of our school houses.
  • We set questions and interviewed candidates for Deputy Head Teacher.
  • We were consulted on how we improve lining up in the playground.


This is how democracy works!

Here at Dovelands School Council we share our ideas and speak freely.  We don't judge other peoples' thoughts and ideas.  Together we plan to improve our school community and education, because learning is most important to us and our job includes using our brain and heart . As school councillors we will : 

  • Stick up for children.
  • Make the school a happier place.
  • Help to improve everybody's school day.
  • Give children a good education.
  • Make children happy  with our ideas.
  • Show respect to children and adults.
  • Make sure everybody is heard.