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PE and Sport


At Dovelands we aim to ensure that every child is inspired to enjoy sport and to understand that physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle. We currently have a successful partnership with New College who provide specialist teaching and training to enable our pupils to get the most out of their PE sessions and after-school sports.


PE and School Sport Partnership


At New College Leicester Learning and Sport Village, Physical Education is given a high profile which is reflected in the schools Learning and Sports Village status. For a number of years the school has recognised the benefits of a strong Physical Education Curriculum and extra-curricular activity on the raising of young people’s aspirations and self esteem. It is also clearly a key ingredient in the battle against childhood obesity and encouraging young people to live active and healthy lives.

It was for this reason that as soon as the government announced back in March 2013 that all primary schools would be receiving a sum of money known as the ‘Sport Premium’ New College Leicester had the vision of creating a new post. This post would see a qualified PE Specialist working closely with primary schools to up skill staff giving them both the subject knowledge and confidence to deliver excellent Physical Education lessons.

This opportunity of a partnership provided by New College Leicester to utilise our School Sports Premium effectively was something that we at Dovelands were extremely keen to be part of.

Roberto Amoroso a qualified PE teacher whose role it is to up skill the primary staff commented;

“It is every young person’s right to access Physical Education. It is just as important as numeracy, literacy and any other curriculum subject. Through no fault of their own primary teachers have not been given sufficient Physical Education training and therefore lack the subject knowledge to teach Physical Education confidently.

We need to strip PE back to basics ensuring that first and foremost we develop young people’s basic fundamental movement skills. These skills form the building blocks which underpin the learning of more complicated sport and movement. If young people can master these skills they are more likely to be involved in sport and physical activity for a life time.

I therefore look forward to working with my colleagues in the primary schools and utilising the PE and Sport Premium to the benefit of both the staff and children.

Our partnership with New College Leicester is used as an example of good practice on the DfE website and within the Prime Ministers report on The Legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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