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Lego League

Week 4


In week 4 on the 30th November, we started to discover Lego Mindstorms.


We nominated our voluntary year 4 and 5 pupils to help water the plants at the end of lunch using the water left over from the lunch hall. This will help save water in our school. We also sorted out a rota to even up the jobs between the 10 pupils.


As well as this, we put all of our models together onto the game mat. Finally, we began to investigate the robot and began to learn how to program and build.

Week 3


With a working lunch and an afternoon, lots of progress was made this week.


After interviewing gardening staff from our 'award winning' gardening scheme, we found that even though their garden is well kept, complete with water saving equipment, the flower boxes around the playgrounds are not watered often enough.


With our identification that lots of drinking water is wasted at lunchtimes, we have suggested recruiting volunteers to use this water to water the playground boxes before the water is simply poured away.


After discussing logistics and tactics to recruit, the team have gone away to design posters to advertise the position.


The team have also been tasked with designing the team's logo.


We also got a good build session in, with our mat now 2/3s complete!

Week 2


 In our 2nd week we had a vote for our favourite team name and after a blind vote the winning name was..........Hydro Doves.


After talking and finding problems in the way we use water,we have decided to interview the school gardeners!


See you next week.

Week 1 - Lego League Club


After our successful interviews saying speeches showing models to a board of year 6 teachers, Reef, Isaac, Kyan, Daniel, Honor, Ralphy, Hannah, Lizzie, Bryn and Alex are the first Dovelands Lego League students.


In our first week we began by discussing the core values of the lego league, the project which is the water cycle, and the game called hydro dynamics.


Here is the link for the video (hydro dynamics game)