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UNICEF Ambassadors

Our wonderful Unicef Ambassadors.


Welcome to the UNICEF Ambassador page! At Dovelands there is a UNICEF Ambassador for each class. Our job is to inform the class about the UNICEF articles about the rights of the child.


Last year, we gained the Rights Respecting School Award: this is a recognition that we have worked hard on the United Nations' charter.


Each class has worked on a class charter that is displayed on the classroom wall. This helps all the children to know what their rights are and how they are represented.


As UNICEF Ambassadors, we have been involved in many different events and competitions such as : Article 31 competition, Article 30 competition, creating a huge display in the hall and writing a letter to the parents to help them understand what we are doing as well as giving them an idea of what the rights are.


One of the things we do is regular assemblies to remind children about their rights.



UNICEF Happy Feet Day

On Friday 20th May, UNICEF worked together with the charity 'Africa's Gift to arrange a non school uniform day for our feet. Children came to school in all sorts of footwear including wellies, trainers and slippers. In return, children brought in some unwanted shoes to donate. The response was brilliant and we managed to fill fourteen bags with shoes ready to send to Africa.


UNICEF - Day for Change

Friday 5th February is UNICEF ‘Day for Change.’ The UNICEF Ambassadors would like the school to raise money for this day. As this is a ‘Day for Change’ we are inviting children to come to school on this day having changed their appearance in some way. This could mean wearing a wig, dressing up, or even coming to school in their pyjamas.

UNICEF Ambassadors will be standing on the gates on this day to collect any change you can spare.

All the change we collect will go directly to the Children's Emergency Fund to save and protect children caught up in emergencies around the world.

Many thanks,

Dovelands UNICEF Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors said:

'I am a UNICEF Ambassador and in the last year at Dovelands. My favourite part of being an Ambassador is discussing the activities we do and deciding what to do next!'


'I wanted to be an Ambassador so I could help the school receive the Rights Respecting School Award'


'I wanted to be an Ambassador to help UNICEF and our school'


'I like sharing my ideas and helping other people'


' As an Ambassador, I help make our school a better place'


'The best part of being an Ambassador is having the responsibility of helping the school achieve the award'


'The best part was when the children in the class voted for me!'





Our display of the competition entries for Article 30.

Hard at work discussing what to do next!

Coming soon!


  • UNICEF day (March 6th)
  • more competitions!
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