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Learning Development in the Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage consists of 4 classes – 3 full time Foundation 2 classes and 1 part time (morning and afternoon) Foundation 1 class.

  • Learning through play

Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously, although some may need adult support, and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. At Dovelands we aim to provide well planned experiences for play, both indoors and outdoors. This supports our children to learn with enjoyment and challenge, allowing them to explore, develop and represent learning experiences that help them to make sense of the world.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy, safe and secure. We spend a large proportion of our time in the Foundation classes building relationships and teaching the children how to play and work with others. This forms a basis for the rest of their school life and we hope to give them a positive approach to the rest of their time with us at Dovelands.

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

In the Foundation Stage, we plan within six areas of learning which are a statutory requirement. None of the areas of learning are delivered in isolation from the others and all are equally important to support a rounded approach to child development.

  • Building a castle           Reading
  • Friendship       Group task
  • Eating apples            Puzzle
  • Building          Counting stars
  • Building blocks                 Building blocks
  • Handstand           Equipment